Waist Bag XDHOSE Hitam

Rp 165.000
  • Stok: 100

  • Fitur
  • Material Cordura Premium Korea
  • Zipper YKK upside down head lock handle strength and big size
  • Waterproof materials, adventurist sports indoor outdoor
  • Strength materials, all function safety protector sports
  • New bag domestic production home industry
  • Trade mark legality / merek terdaftar di hak kekayaan intelektual (hki)
  • Logistic packing plastic and dus xdhose
  • Function unisex bag pocket - drinking bottle - cellular phone - etc

Spesification size

dimension size

  • Lenght   25cm front side up face - front side back face 
  • Width    15cm front bottom up     - front bottom down
  • Height  15cm front bottom up     - front bottom down
  • Thick volume length 25cm+width 15cm + height 15cm

Strap rope bag

  • Length  60cm front side face
  • Width    05cm front bottom up
  • Capacity 5 kg          
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